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Grassroot film projects

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For over a decade Glass Eye has worked alongside the education sector to develop grassroot film projects across all sections of the community through the medium of film production.  We have worked with local authorities, youth services, drama groups, schools, charities and foundations on both sides of the Atlantic, such as intofilm and the Honeywell Foundation in the USA.

You can see many of our films at our YouTube channel, but in this article I just wanted to highlight 3 of my favourite.

Should you want to learn more about what we do or work with us to develop your own grassroot film projects contact us.

Boyz in Da Hood Youth Group, Rochdale – Grassroot film projects.

‘Don’t Hate the Player’, was one of our earliest Grassroots film produced with a group of young BME boys, working alongside Rochdale Youth Service and the Teenage Pregnancy Team, way back in 2004.  The young people worked alongside Glass Eye filmmakers for a period of 10 weeks, gaining skills in directing, camera, sounds and script writing, whilst discussing issues around healthy relationships that led to this film which was voted as one of the favourites, when it was broadcast on BBC Blast later that year!

Pauls Story – Grassroot film projects

As part of our partnership with IntoFilm, we worked with Redwood High School, an all inclusive school in Rochdale, working with a group of young people with a range of complex needs to develop one of their first grassroot film projects.

The project was developed around stories that came directly from the young people, over 6 workshop session they where able to develop their technical and creative film making skills to create this lovely short documentary ‘Paul;s Story’.

The short documentary went onto gain a nomination for a national ‘intofilm’ award, supported by the British Film Institute, which saw the young people travel to Leicester Square in London for the ceremony presented by leading figures from the film industry and attend a celebration even afterwards at Planet Hollywood.

#OurSelfie – Grassroot Film Projects

In 2014 we where invited across the pond to Wabash Indiana by the Honeywell Foundation to work with their Educational Outreach at Wabash Middle School and their junior students to develop a grassroot film projects.

We worked with the learners alongside local producer over an intensive week of workshops to develop their idea and write their script for the film ‘#OurSelfie’.  The students gained technical and creative skills and worked together, taking on production, creative, technical and casting roles to have their film ready to show by the Friday evening at the Honeywell Theater.  the film was well received in the community and learners went onto present their film at The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival later in the year.

Further to this project we went onto develop other film projects with the Honeywell Foundation and they are currently developing the own film program at The Eagles Theater’ in Wasbash, IN.


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